Alta Gracia: Living-wage, Union-made Apparel

Alta Gracia is a factory producing collegiate apparel, located in Villa Atlagracia, in the Free Trade Zone of the Dominican Republic. The workers of Alta Gracia are paid a salario digno- a living wagewhich is over three times the local minimum wage, and allows them to invest in education, nutrition, clean water. healthcare, and livable housing. Furthermore, the workers of Alta Gracia have a strong workers’ union, allowing for a democratic voice in the workplace. The factory is regularly monitored by independent labor rights watchdog Worker Rights Consortium, who ensures fair pay, worker representation, and top-notch health and safety standards.

The history of Alta Gracia’s creation is rooted in international solidarity between workers and students, who campaigned together to create a factory that upheld human rights. By leveraging university codes of conduct and licensing agreements, students have joined in solidarity with workers to end sweatshop abuses.

Here’s where you can learn more about Alta Gracia in the news and on the web:

Worker Stories

Yenny Perez
Read about how Yenny risked everything to organize in her workplace.

Maritza Vargas
Read about how Alta Gracia has changed Maritza’s life and her community of Villa Altagracia.

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