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Our Staff

Hanoi Sosa

Labor Liason Organizer

Hanoi Sosa is a union leader in Dominican Republic. In 2010, Hanoi was one of the organizers and founding members of the National Union of Call Centers Workers “UNECA”, a nationwide union that covers all the workers in the call center line of business in DR, and currently holds the position of General Secretary.

For the last three years he is being part of the executive committee of the national Federation of Free Trade Zone Workers “FEDOTRAZONAS” and a full time organizer involved in different campaigns such as the ongoing campaign against Xerox corporation for union freedom and a safe and free of sexual harassment work environment, and another the one against the modification of the DR’s Labor Code.

He has also led worker speaking tours of the United States, and plans our bi-annual Solidarity Immersions to the Dominican Republic. When he’s not organizing, he’s teaching at the O&M University in Santo Domingo - the nation’s second largest school - where he teaches Social Psychology and Behavioral Analysis. Hanoi is passionate about social justice and believes that solidarity between students and workers can definitely help to construct a brighter future for everyone.

Quinn Naylor

Solidarity Ignite Organizer, Trip Facilitator

Quinn Naylor graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where she first started working with Alta Gracia and labor solidarity after she went on a delegation to the Alta Gracia factory in the summer of 2012. She fell in love with the movement and the Alta Gracia factory while he was there and never looked back. She helped win an Alta Gracia campaign at UTK and has been organizing for worker's rights both in the garment industry and on campus ever since. She fought for living-wages and equal benefits for all campus workers, and pushed back against cuts to education in Tennessee.

Shelby Mastovich

High School Immersion Trip Organizer

Shelby has been passionate about workers’ rights in the global garment industry since the start of her organizing work with United Students Against Sweatshops her first semester at Penn State in 2010. She has worked on several successful campaigns including the suspension of Adidas’s contract with Penn State in 2013 due to its previous refusal to pay legally-mandated severance pay to 2,800 workers in Indonesia and the campaign asking Penn State to require its licensees producing apparel in Bangladesh to sign onto the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. Shelby was an Alta Gracia Intern in 2012, organizing to increase greater awareness and higher orders of the living-wage union-made collegiate apparel brand. In January 2013 she had the life-changing experience as a Solidarity Immersion program participant with Solidarity Ignite, which inspired an even greater passion for workers’ rights.

From February 2013 through the rest of her undergraduate career, Shelby worked as a Research Assistant with the Penn State Center for Global Workers’ Rights, helping to expand access to information concerning workers’ rights issues both domestically and internationally. In December 2013 she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with one of her minors in Labor Studies and Employment Relations. Shelby is currently a High School Immersion Program Coordinator with Solidarity Ignite, loving the ability to help make it possible for younger individuals to gain such an amazing experience that fosters the skills necessary to make lasting positive social change.

Dizzy Roberson

Solidarity Ignite Intern, Winter Solidarity Immersion Facilitator 2014

Dylan "Dizzy" Roberson is a current student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She got involved with the labor right's campaign after visiting the Alta Gracia factory in summer of 2013.

After meeting with, working with, and hearing the stories of union leaders in various fields, she went back to campus and co-founded the UNL chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops.

The group recently ran a successful Alta Gracia campaign, and is taking strides to get the University affiliated with the Worker's Rights Consortium.

Nikala Asante

Solidarity Ignite Houston High School Trip Organizer and Facilitator

Nikala Asante is a published author, homeschooler, and global Human Rights advocate who fell in love with organizing around Human Rights after traveling to the Dominican Republic to learn about garment worker rights organizing with Solidarity Ignite in 2013. Since then, she has returned to Dominican Republic and Haiti independently and with the University of Houston to help set up medical clinics, to distribute food and water, to plant food bearing trees in deforested areas, to deliver needed supplies, children's vitamins, and toys to orphanages, and to create archives of personal narratives about Haiti's 2010 earthquake. As an undergraduate, she reinstated University of Houston's United Students Against Sweatshops as a registered organization, recruited and trained students in techniques that she learned in Dominican Republic, and ran an Alta Gracia campaign that achieved moving AG to the front of the UH bookstore with full displays and heightening sales on campus. In her community, Nikala organizes homeschooling parents around educational events and field trips to advance their children's learning experiences, as well as tutoring and mentoring at risk youth. Nikala has received numerous awards from the community and university, including the prestigious Gilman International Study Scholarship. She was featured in Defender Networks' Black History special on young leaders following in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in 2013, on PBS NewsHour in 2015, and has spoken on Human Rights in two documentaries.

Nikala is looking forward to recruiting high school students to travel to Dominican Republic to learn about Human Rights in the Garment Industry and on campus organizing, so that they can return to their campuses as strong student leaders.

You can find out more or contact Nikala through

Melissa Woodbridge

New Orleans Social Justice Conference Organizer

Melissa Woodbridge is a senior at the University of Georgia, and she is majoring in International Affairs and Studio Art. She is Co-President of Amnesty International at UGA, which has focused on several issues including human trafficking, the prison-industrial complex, police brutality, and immigration.

She is spearheading the Alta Gracia Campaign and WRC Campaign at UGA.

Alexandria Sehon

Intern, Trip FacilitatorWinter 2012 Solidarity Immersion

Alli Sehon has been organizing with Solidarity Ignite since her first exchange with garment workers in the Dominican Republic in 2012, and facilitated a Solidarity Immersion that following winter.

Alli graduated from the University of Kentucky Lexington, where she rekindled a United Students Against Sweatshops chapter behind a successful campaign to increase the bookstore’s support of living-wage union-made apparel. Afterwards, the group campaigned to affiliate UK, the 4th largest licensee of collegiate apparel, with the Worker Rights Consortium. Alli has also worked closely with organizations like United Students for Fair Trade and Real Food Challenge to prevent UK from outsourcing their dining services.

In addition to organizing with SI, Alli is active in economic justice issues in Lexington and surrounding communities.