Past Solidarity Immersions

Students on the Summer 2014 Immersion hang out with the kids & families of Alta Gracia workers.

Students join with Xerox call center workers to demand an end to fire hazards, sexual abuse, and union busting in the call center on the Summer 2014 Solidarity Immersion.

This call center is owned by Xerox and services brands such as Boost mobile. To this day, Xerox has ignored workers' cries to end sweatshop conditions in call centers- check out our "Justice For Xerox Workers" campaign tab to learn more.

January 2014: Las mujeres tienen la fuerza! Students and Haitian garment worker union leaders after an exchange at the border.

August 2012: Students at the Alta Gracia factory, in Villa Altagracia. P’alante!

August 2013: Students meet with garment workers in Haiti.

August 2011: Students visit a banana coop to learn about workers in the agricultural sector.

The beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic.